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Wedding & Baptism at beautiful Poros Island

Daskalio, the island of love in Poros

The endless blue combined with the green landscape make the unique and ideal place to seal your love away from the city. What makes Daskalio special is the fact that if you look from above, you will see that it has the shape of a heart. For this reason, in 2002, the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT) named it Eros island (Love island) and was the promotional campaign of our country. At Daskalio is the church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary (Panagitsa), where many weddings and baptisms have been made.

Our many years of experience in the field of mass catering is our contract for a highly successful wedding, baptismal or other event! In conjunction with our large renovated room, we undertake the organization of your wedding with suggestions for accommodation and boat transport (sea taxi).
Experience the most beautiful moments in Poros at "SERETIS" tavern.

Wedding reception at Taverna Seretis

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